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YC-200WX6-4.2V LED Power Supply

YC-200WX6-4.2V LED Power Supply

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YuanChi YC-200WX6-4.2V LED Power Supply

The YC-200W6-4.2V conversion device expertly transforms 200VAC-240VAC into 5V DC power, utilizing advanced dual-transistor forward control technology for accuracy and efficiency. Designed with input-output isolation, it ensures safety and reliability across various fields. This versatile device is ideal for applications in electronics, LED displays, lighting, security monitoring, military, communications, and industrial equipment, providing stable power solutions for a wide range of technological needs.


  1. Converts 200VAC-240VAC power to efficient 5V DC power using advanced dual-transistor forward control technology.
  2. Ensures safety and reliability with precise control and input-output isolation.
  3. Ideal for a wide range of applications including electronics, LED displays, and LED lighting.
  4. Suitable for use in security monitoring, military-industry, and communications sectors.
  5. Provides stable power in diverse settings like electricity, lighting, and industrial equipment.
  6. Compact and robust design, catering to both commercial and industrial power needs.