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X4m Two-in-one LED Video Processor

X4m Two-in-one LED Video Processor

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Colorlight X4m LED Video Processor

The X4m is a high-level LED display control device with the ability to handle 1920x1080 HD digital signals and various HD interfaces, offering flexible signal switching. It features arbitrary video scaling and cropping, infrared remote control OSD, and supports U disk playback, making it a versatile tool for managing advanced LED displays.


1. Features capabilities for video switching, clipping, and zooming, along with screen offset support.

2. Offers screen adjustments including contrast, saturation, chroma, brightness compensation, sharpness, and color space conversion.

3. Supports screen correction factor transmission, advanced stitching, and is HDCP1.4 compliant.

4. Includes precise color management and enhanced gray level performance at low brightness for improved display clarity.

5. Equipped with 16 scene presets and the ability to play back pictures and videos from a U-disk.

6. Features an OSD for U-disk playback and screen adjustments, with an optional remote controller for added convenience.