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X26M Two-in-one LED Video Processor

X26M Two-in-one LED Video Processor

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Colorlight X26M LED Video Processor

The X26M LED Video Processor offers Ultra 8K x 2K resolution with a 17.03 megapixel load capacity for detailed displays. It features 26 ports, including fiber for long-distance transmission, and supports easy USB playback. Equipped with numerous presets, Bluetooth remote control, and cross-platform web control, it streamlines operations for various professional applications.


  1. The X26M LED Video Processor features Ultra 8K x 2K resolution and a 17.03-megapixel capacity, ensuring highly detailed and sharp displays.
  2. Equipped with 26 versatile ports, including fiber options for easy long-distance transmission and convenient cabling solutions.
  3. Offers simple and efficient USB playback for seamless plug-and-play operation with various media files.
  4. Comes with Bluetooth remote control and cross-platform web control, providing streamlined and flexible operation across different applications.