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W12 LCD Splicing Processor

W12 LCD Splicing Processor

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Kystar W12 LCD Wall Controller

Elevate your viewing experience with Kystar's W12 LCD Splicing Video Processor, designed to masterfully control and splice up to 12 displays. Achieve harmonious color accuracy with individual screen calibration and effortlessly manage screen layouts with advanced output mapping. Transition between visuals seamlessly, without interruption, thanks to smooth signal switching. Visualize operations in real-time through dedicated software, offering unprecedented control and flexibility. The W12 stands as a testament to innovation, capable of blending multiple signals into a singular, captivating display.


1. Kystar W12 seamlessly controls up to 12 screens, offering unparalleled management for both splicing and independent displays.

2. Advanced screen color calibration ensures uniform color across all outputs, minimizing discrepancies.

3. Effortless output port mapping allows users to configure logical screen positions directly, ensuring correct image displays without physical setup hassles.

4. Enjoy broadcast-level, seamless signal switching with no delays or blank screens, thanks to W12's fade-in and fade-out effects.

5. Real-time operation visualization through Kystar software enhances monitoring and editing capabilities via Gigabit Ethernet.

6. Supports up to 8 layers of display from varied signals, allowing for versatile arrangements and creative splicing solutions.