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VX2 LED Video Processor

VX2 LED Video Processor

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NovaStar VX2 LED Video Processor

The Novastar VX2 is a versatile video controller featuring a range of inputs including CVBS2, VGA3, DVI1, HDMI1, and DP1, supporting resolutions up to 19201200@60Hz. Its advanced capabilities allow for point-to-point zooming to match screen resolution, along with seamless high-speed switching and fade-in/fade-out effects that enhance and display pictures with professional quality. This makes the VX2 an ideal solution for delivering high-quality visual presentations in various professional settings.


  1. The Novastar VX2 video processor includes a variety of inputs (CVBS2, VGA3, DVI1, HDMI1, DP1), supporting resolutions up to 19201200@60Hz, with point-to-point image zooming capabilities.
  2. Offers seamless high-speed switching and fade-in/fade-out effects, enhancing professional-quality picture presentations.
  3. Features adjustable Picture-in-Picture (PIP) in terms of location and size, providing flexible control over display content.
  4. Utilizes the Nova G4 engine for stable, flicker-free screens without scanning lines, delivering images with depth and clarity.
  5. Capable of white balance calibration and color gamut mapping for true color reproduction, tailored to the unique features of different LED screens.