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VX1000 LED Display Controller

VX1000 LED Display Controller

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NovaStar VX1000 LED Display Controller

The VX1000 is an advanced all-in-one controller, skillfully blending sending card functions with robust video processing. It boasts 7 video inputs and 10 Gigabit Ethernet outputs, underpinned by a powerful FPGA processing platform. This controller excels in offering multiple transition effects, including quick seamless switching and fade, enhancing video presentations with its flexible display control. Additionally, the VX1000 features a unique expansion card for USB drive connectivity, enabling direct media file playback and real-time monitoring via a connected mouse and monitor.


  1. The controller features 7 input connectors including 2×3G-SDI, 2×HDMI 1.3, 2×DVI, 1×DVI+DVI LOOP, and 1×USB playback, offering versatile connectivity options.
  2. Supports three windows for simultaneous display, with quick and advanced screen configuration options for efficient setup.
  3. Features a simple switcher mode with a TAKE button for seamless switching between PVW and PGM.
  4. Allows for adjustment of input resolutions and device redundancy settings, ensuring optimal display quality and reliability.
  5. Capable of handling a maximum video output load of 3.9 million pixels, with brightness adjustment for the screen loaded by the VX6s.
  6. Offers cascading capabilities for multiple VX600 units, an auto-fit function for windows, and can support up to 4096 pixels in both width and height.