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U6 Multi-Image Splicing LED Screen Video Processor

U6 Multi-Image Splicing LED Screen Video Processor

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Kystar U6 6-layer Video Processor

Elevate your visual experience with the Kystar U6 Six Windows Processor, a premium video processing solution for LED large screen displays. Designed for diverse settings from live performances to corporate conference rooms, this processor features advanced CPT+ FST splicing technology for flawless uniformity and synchronization. Its Super Resolution Zoom-in Technology sharply reduces image imperfections, ensuring crystal-clear visuals even with significant magnification. Ideal for demanding environments that require superior image quality and versatile display capabilities.


1. Boasts output capabilities up to 15360 pixels horizontally or 6144 vertically for expansive and detailed LED displays.

2. Capable of displaying six distinct windows on a single screen simultaneously, enhancing multi-content showcasing or controlling six separate LED screens.

3. Offers comprehensive input support, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, CVBS, and IP, for versatile connectivity and content sourcing.

4. Features six-window preview and output monitoring for precise content management and real-time adjustments.

5. Includes editable text and image overlay options, alongside a variety of window or mode transition effects for dynamic visual presentations.

6. Provides hot backup for input signals, ensuring continuous content delivery and reliability in critical presentations.