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U2 Multi-Machine Cascade Synchronous Audio And Video Processor

U2 Multi-Machine Cascade Synchronous Audio And Video Processor

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Kystar U2 2-layer Video Processor

Elevate your visual experience with the Kystar U2 processor, featuring high-resolution splicing up to 2560×1536@60Hz and customizable output resolutions. Its multi-machine cascade function ensures seamless audio-video synchronization, with advanced transition effects and dual-channel output for dynamic displays. Integrated with two LED sending cards and user-friendly navigation, the Kystar U2 simplifies complex setups, making it ideal for high-end audiovisual presentations.


1. Achieve seamless splicing with outputs up to 2560×1536@60Hz, supporting a wide range of user-defined resolutions.

2. Enables multi-machine synchronous cascade for expansive and complex display setups.

3. Offers smooth transitions with fade-in and fade-out effects between any signals for dynamic visual presentations.

4. Dual-channel output capability facilitates Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-outside-Picture (POP) displays, enhancing content layout flexibility.

5. Integrated with two LED sending cards, simplifying installation and setup processes for various display configurations.

6. Unique features like usage record gathering and an engineering lock with a scheduling function enhance device security and operational control.