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Transprent vehicle rear advertising LED display

Transprent vehicle rear advertising LED display

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As the name explains, it is a product installed behind the rear window to display commercials as vehicle drives around. Unlike the traditional display, its transparency reaches up to 85%, as a result, driver can still enjoy a  great sight outside the car from rear-view mirror. With designed brightness up to 5000 nits, Kensun transparent LED display perfectly delivers commercials behind car rear glass.

1. 85% transparency. Kensun transparent display is designed with an incredible transparency of 85%, driver can still enjoy a great sight from car rear glass. 

2. Light and thin. Each display weighs only 1.5kg, light cabinet result in better stabilization and requires less installation space. 

3. High brightness. With a brightness up to 4000 nits, Kensun transparent LED display provides perfect readability under most environments. 

4. Whisper-quiet operation. Fanless display design, the noise generated by the power during operation is almost unnoticeable, safe and pleasing.

5. Modular design. Each module is composed by 8 light bars and fixed on a crossbar, ensuring excellent flatness, and easy to install or replace. 

6. Wireless control. Program setting, contents update can be all wirelessly controlled through an app we provided on you computer. 

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