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T2 Transparent LED Display

T2 Transparent LED Display

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T2 is a cutting-edge technology designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of glass walls while maintaining their natural lighting. Its flexibility and bendability make it the perfect choice for installation on any glass surface, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the architecture. The display is incredibly thin and light, almost gauzy, which gives it a magical quality as images pop up in the air with 90% transparency. With its combination of flexibility, transparency, and magical qualities, T2 is sure to amaze and impress anyone who sees it.


2 years

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Gauzy And Ligthweight.

T2 1.2mm thin and 2kg per sqm LED display effortlessly integrates with any surface, ensuring effortless assembly and maintenance.

Fitting Surface with Curve.

T2 features a unique design that is extremely flexible and bendable, making it perfect for fitting any surface with a curve. It delivers a stunning visual experience that will leave you amazed.

Seamlessly Integrating with Architecture.

T2 is designed to blend in seamlessly with architecture while maintaining the natural lighting of the space. It perfectly integrates with glass walls without compromising the view.

Unprecedented Transparency of 90%

Featuring extremely small and transluscent diode fixed PET crystal coating board which with circuits on both sides are transparently etched, and finished with vacuum adhersion OC gluing technology, it suring the transparency of T2 reaching up to a unprecedented 90%, it perfectly integrates with glass walls without compromising the view and lighting.

A Stunning Visual Experience

T2 is designed to deliver a stunning visual experience, with a maximum brightness of up to 1500nits. With this level of brightness, images magically pop up in the air, making it the perfect choice for environments with high ambient lighting.

Tailor Your Display To Your Needs.

With its unique design, LED Display is designed to be cuttable, allowing you to tailor the size of the display to your specific needs with a scissor.