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R2 Indoor & Ourdoor Die-casting Surface-glued Rental Display

R2 Indoor & Ourdoor Die-casting Surface-glued Rental Display

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Sleek and Integrated Design

The R2 series boasts a seamless cabinet finish, providing a smooth and polished appearance similar to a standard LCD TV display. The new resinous coating eliminates the rough finish found in traditional LED modules, giving the R2 a modern, sophisticated look.

Advanced Ingress Protection

The surface-glue technology used in the R2 series ensures an IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating. The high-impact resistant resinous material is perfect for environments where the screen may be exposed to projectiles or adverse weather conditions.

Exceptional Viewing Experience

The R2 series offers a significantly wider viewing angle compared to traditional displays. The 180° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, coupled with the resinous layer, ensures an unparalleled viewing experience for your audience.

Streamlined Maintenance

The R2 series features a specially designed maintenance tool that allows easy front access to all components within the cabinet or module. This unique feature makes servicing the display effortless and time-efficient.

Minimal Reflection

The R2 series' specially treated resinous material ensures that there is no noticeable reflection when the cabinet is turned on, providing a clear and distraction-free display.

Enhanced Lifespan

The protective resinous layer shields the display from heat, UV, moisture, and dust, preserving the diodes and extending the overall lifespan of the display. With the R2 series, you'll enjoy stable and durable performance for years to come.

Upgrade your display experience with the Kensun R2 Series LED Display - a cutting-edge solution that combines sleek design, advanced protection, and superior performance to meet all your display needs.