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P5 Outdoor SMD1921 RGB 320x160mm LED Module

P5 Outdoor SMD1921 RGB 320x160mm LED Module

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P5 outdoor LED modules are commonly used in outdoor LED displays. P5 outdoor LED module is 320mm*160mm. Outdoor LED modules usually consist of two LED lights: P5 SMD1921 and P5 SMD2727. Outdoor P5 SMD1921 320x160mm LED Screen Module Features:

1. Stable. Reasonable PCB design, low heat dissipation, reliable and stable.

2. Easy to install. Newly developed plastic cover mold with smaller module gap and better screen flatness.

3. Outdoor using. Kinglight SMD2525, top quality outdoor SMD LED.

4. High color accuracy. LED chips are sorted within 2.5nm wavelength and 10% color difference. The narrow wavelength range has small chromatic aberration, uniform color and good brightness consistency.

5. Good white balance. Precise control technology of brightness ratio of red, green and blue primary colors to achieve perfect white
Balance performance.

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P5 320x160m LED Module

1) Parts included: LED module, signal cable between modules, power cable between module and power supply.

2) Buy modules of same batch: to avoid brightness and color difference on one single screen, you must buy modules of the same batch. That is, you must buy the modules for one single screen by one order from us.

Warm Tips

3) Caution: Our LED modules can NOT be used as spare parts of your existing old LED display. We don't offer technical support or services if you used our LED modules to replace existing old LED modules.

4) Tariff:our price does not include any tariffs or duties at the destination, you should do import customs clearance and pay all tariff or duties locally.

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