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P3.91 500x1000mm Outdoor LED Display Panel

P3.91 500x1000mm Outdoor LED Display Panel

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2 years

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Eco-Efficient Design

Experience cutting-edge technology with our P3.91 LED Display Panel, which features a high-strength die-cast aluminum structure that not only ensures durability but also promotes excellent heat dissipation. This design significantly reduces energy consumption, making it a greener choice for your high-end events.

Sustainable Operation

Committed to environmental stewardship, our LED panel boasts a certified power supply system that maximizes energy efficiency. This power-saving feature helps lower your carbon footprint while delivering impeccable display performance.

Innovative Installation and Maintenance

Simplify your setup with our LED display's magnetic module system, allowing for easy front maintenance. This user-friendly approach minimizes downtime and enhances productivity, supporting sustainable practices in event management.

Enhanced Durability and Safety

Built to withstand the elements, our LED display is IP65 waterproof, ensuring long-lasting performance in various outdoor conditions. This resilience translates to reduced need for replacements and repairs, supporting sustainable usage cycles.

High-Quality Components for Reduced Waste

Featuring a high refresh rate of 3842hz PWM, our LED display ensures a seamless and high-quality visual experience. The modular HUB design not only allows for easy component upgrades and repairs but also helps in reducing waste, making it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious event organizers.

Socially Responsible Manufacturing

We adhere to strict governance standards, ensuring that all components and processes comply with ethical and sustainable practices. This commitment to quality and responsibility ensures that our products not only meet but exceed ESG compliance, making them ideal for organizations that value corporate social responsibility.

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