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MRV328 LED Receiving Card

MRV328 LED Receiving Card

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NovaStar MRV328 LED Receiving Card

The NovaStar MRV328 is a newly developed receiving card, capable of supporting up to 256×256 pixels on a single unit. It excels in pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration, effectively eliminating color discrepancies and significantly enhancing the consistency of LED video wall displays. This leads to finer and more uniform displays, offering an improved visual experience to LED screen users.


  1. Offers a resolution capacity of 256×256 pixels, suitable for various display sizes and formats.
  2. Features RGB data output across 16 groups, enhancing the richness and quality of visual content.
  3. Compatible with monitoring cards, allowing for effective management and oversight of display performance.
  4. Supports Memory on Module, ensuring reliable and efficient data storage and retrieval.
  5. Equipped with a HUB75 interface that integrates 8 standard HUB75 connectors, providing extensive connectivity options for LED displays.