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MFC630 multi-function card

MFC630 multi-function card

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Kystar MFC630 multi-function card

Discover the seamless integration capabilities of the KYSTAR MFC630 Multifunction Card, an essential component of LED control systems. Engineered with cutting-edge design technology and meeting international standards, the MFC630 excels in receiving data from computers and other devices, effortlessly converting it into network signals for transmission to receiving cards. Unlock the potential of your LED displays with the reliability and innovation of the MFC630.


  1. Supports RS232 serial communication and Gigabit Ethernet USB interface.
  2. Equipped with 8-way power switch control and 4-way light sensor connectivity.
  3. Features automatic brightness adjustment for optimal viewing.
  4. Integrates with Kommander for real-time temperature and humidity detection.
  5. Offers a timing function that can replace traditional timers and delays.
  6. Complies with the EU's ROHS standards and holds 3C, CE, and FCC certifications.