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Mag LED-W4000-DH Video processor

Mag LED-W4000-DH Video processor

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Mag LED-W4000-DH Video processor

Introducing the Magnimage LED-W4000, an 8K x 2K ultra-high resolution video processor designed for superior visual experiences. Engineered to handle extensive loads, this device supports a single processor output with a staggering width of up to 8192 pixels, ensuring crystal-clear visuals at a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz. Ideal for demanding environments that require top-tier performance, the LED-W4000 redefines the standards for video processing in professional settings. Perfect for advanced multimedia projects, from large venues to intricate installations, where unparalleled image quality is crucial.


1. Offers 8K x 2K output mosaic for unmatched pixel-to-pixel display, maximizing detail and clarity in large-scale visuals.

2. Versatile work modes including Mosaic for direct 8K x 2K input/output and Switcher mode for 4K preview with seamless transitions.

3. Backup features include input signal hot backup and manual options, ensuring reliability and continuous operation.

4. Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 10-bit processing for enhanced image depth and color fidelity.

5. Equipped with a comprehensive range of inputs: 4 x DVI, 3 x HDMI, 4 x DP, 1 x SDI, and 2 extended inputs for 4K x 2K @ 60Hz.

6. Advanced EDID management facilitates optimal communication between devices for smooth and consistent output.

7. Features four layers of content management, built-in test patterns, and image freeze capabilities for precise content control.

8. Enables layer rotation and intricate graphic adjustments, perfect for dynamic and creative visual presentations.