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Mag LED-750HS Video processor

Mag LED-750HS Video processor

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Mag LED-750HS Video processor

Unleash stunning visuals with the MAGNIMAGE LED-750HS, a high-performance 4K x 1K/60Hz video processor designed for LED walls. Offering unparalleled input flexibility with DVI, HDMI, DP, and SDI options, this processor excels in loading capacity and refresh rates up to 120Hz, ensuring smooth and vibrant displays. Customize your visual experience with 16 built-in resolutions to perfectly fit any LED wall size. Ideal for multimedia halls, theaters, and studios, the LED-750HS integrates seamlessly via network, USB, or RS232, making it the top choice for advanced visual productions.


  1. Delivers high-performance 4K x 1K/60Hz video processing specifically designed for LED walls, perfect for multimedia environments.
  2. Offers extensive customization with EDID management and adjustable output controls for precise pixel-to-pixel display.
  3. Supports a wide range of input ports including two DVI, two HDMI, one DP (4K), and one SDI, with optional extended inputs.
  4. Boasts a superior loading capacity and an up-processing width of 7680, with refresh rates reaching up to 120Hz for smoother visuals.
  5. Features 16 selectable built-in resolutions, enabling users to scale and tailor the display to the exact dimensions of LED walls.
  6. Provides flexible control options through network linking, USB, or RS232, accommodating various operational needs.