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MA200SH5S LED Power Supply

MA200SH5S LED Power Supply

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Rong-Electric MA200SH5S LED Power Supply

The MA200SH5S power supply is specifically crafted for LED displays, boasting a compact design for effortless integration. It excels in efficiency, stability, and reliability, ensuring optimal performance. This power supply comes equipped with essential safety features including input undervoltage, output current limiting, and short circuit protection. Its high rectification efficiency exceeds 87.0%, significantly reducing energy consumption and enhancing sustainability. This makes the MA200SH5S an ideal choice for energy-conscious and space-efficient LED display applications.


  1. The power supply operates efficiently with an input voltage range of 200-240Vac, accommodating a frequency range of 47-63Hz.
  2. Designed with a power factor of 0.50 at 230Vac, it ensures energy efficiency in your LED applications.
  3. Features a minimal leakage current of 0.30mA at 230Vac, enhancing safety and reliability.
  4. Equipped with robust protection functions, including input undervoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit safeguards.
  5. Operates effectively in a wide temperature range from -30 to +60℃, suitable for various environmental conditions.
  6. Utilizes a self-cooling mechanism, eliminating the need for additional cooling systems and maintaining optimal operation.