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LVP515 LED Video Processor

LVP515 LED Video Processor

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VDWall LVP515 LED Display Video Processor

Experience the pinnacle of visual enhancement with our state-of-the-art video processor, featuring the renowned Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing for the clearest image quality. Dive into seamless transitions with fade-in/fade-out and blend switching capabilities, ensuring a flawless viewing experience. Unlock creative display possibilities with customizable PIP/PBP options and three unique PIP/POP modes at the touch of a button. Elevate your audiovisual narrative through synchronized four-channel audio and the convenience of built-in transmission for LED screens. Perfect for professionals seeking unmatched reliability and dynamic display innovation.


1. Features advanced Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing, ensuring crystal-clear image quality and real color enhancement.

2. Allows for seamless transitions with fade-in, fade-out, and blend switching, perfect for professional presentations and entertainment.

3. Supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) displays in any size and location, enhancing flexibility in content presentation.

4. Offers three customizable PIP/POP display modes for dynamic visual effects, easily switchable with a single button.

5. Equipped with frame synchronous technology to eliminate alignment errors or delays, ensuring smooth video playback.

6. Integrates two LED transmission cards, offering expanded connectivity for a comprehensive audiovisual experience.