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KP1 Media Box

KP1 Media Box

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Kystar KP1 1-LAN-port Media Box

Experience seamless multimedia playback with the KYSTAR Pandora KP1, a compact yet powerful player that combines a sending card and playback terminal in one. Eliminate the need for a computer-based playback terminal, offering easy control anytime, anywhere. Ideal for diverse display solutions like mirror screens, light pole screens, and full-color door screens, its large load capacity ensures efficient and high-quality content delivery for advertisements and more.


  1. Features a Gigabit Ethernet port with a load capacity of 650,000 pixels, supporting up to 3840x2000 resolution.
  2. Offers versatile connectivity options including WIFI, Ethernet port, and USB drive for media input.
  3. Comes with built-in 8GB storage (5GB user-accessible) and supports USB expansion for additional storage needs.
  4. Includes a 3.5mm audio output for synchronized audio and video playback.
  5. Capable of displaying multiple windows and materials on the screen simultaneously for dynamic content presentation.
  6. Enables wireless screen configuration via smartphones and computers, streamlining the setup process without the need for USB cables.