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KLS8Pro LED Screen Video Controller

KLS8Pro LED Screen Video Controller

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Kystar KLS8Pro LED Screen Video Controller

Discover the unmatched visual excellence of Kystar KLS8Pro. It revolutionizes displays with K-HDR for dynamic, lifelike images, supports seamless transitions between ultra-high definition inputs, and handles up to 5 million pixels for expansive displays. Its real-time Ethernet control ensures flawless operation, while special effects and hot backup enhance creative possibilities and reliability. Elevate your viewing experience to new heights with KLS8Pro.


1. KLS8Pro revolutionizes image quality with K-HDR, dynamically optimizing content for lifelike HDR effects from standard SDR sources.

2. Integrated input preview and output monitoring on a single display enhance control and visualization of all signal paths.

3. Offers unparalleled connectivity with 10 Ethernet ports, supporting a vast pixel load of up to 5 million for direct LED display driving.

4. Features dual 4K signal input capabilities, accepting a wide array of digital signal sources for ultra-high definition content display.

5. Enables seamless transitions and offers a variety of effects, ensuring smooth changes without blackouts or delays.

6. Supports hot backup of input signals for maximum reliability, alongside special effects like chroma key cutout and image/text overlay for creative display options.