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KLS8 LED Screen Video Processor

KLS8 LED Screen Video Processor

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Kystar KLS6 LED Screen Video Processor

Experience unparalleled visual clarity and seamless integration with our cutting-edge device, featuring 8 network ports each supporting up to 650,000 pixels for a staggering total of 5.2 million pixels. Our device not only offers diverse digital signal interface support, including HDMI1.3 and DVI-D, but also enables creative three-screen layouts with arbitrary positioning. Benefit from input signal hot backup and fade-in seamless special effects for flawless transitions. Elevate your viewing with Kystar HDR Enhancement for dynamic, lifelike images, and enjoy effortless setup and maintenance with hardware screen adjustments and configuration readback capabilities.


1. Boasting 8 network ports, each capable of handling 650,000 pixels for a total capacity of 5.2 million pixels, ensuring expansive and detailed displays.

2. Versatile digital signal compatibility with support for 2-way HDMI1.3 and 2-way DVI-D inputs, catering to a variety of digital media sources.

3. Offers a flexible 3-screen display option, allowing for creative layouts and positioning of screen content to fit any presentation style.

4. Features input signal hot backup, automatically switching to a backup signal seamlessly in the event of signal failure to ensure continuous display.

5. Incorporates fade-in seamless special effects for transitions between signals or scene templates, eliminating black screens, flickers, and delays.

6. Enhanced visual experience with Kystar HDR Enhancement technology, providing dynamic image optimization for HDR-quality displays from standard SDR sources.