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KLS6 LED Screen Video Processor

KLS6 LED Screen Video Processor

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Kystar KLS6 LED Screen Video Processor

The KSV6 Video Processor revolutionizes visual displays with its capacity to manage up to 3.9 million pixels across six network ports, each supporting 650,000 pixels. It seamlessly integrates multiple digital signals, enabling a flexible three-screen layout with hot backup for uninterrupted presentations. Transition effects, including fade-ins, are flawlessly smooth, while Kystar HDR Enhancement elevates SDR images to HDR quality. Additionally, hardware adjustments and configuration readback ensure efficient setup and maintenance without the need for a computer, streamlining the user experience.


1. Equipped with 6 network ports, each supporting 650,000 pixels for a total capacity of 3.9 million pixels, enabling expansive displays up to 8000x4000 pixels.

2. Offers versatile connectivity with multiple digital signal interfaces, including dual HDMI1.3 and DVI-D inputs for comprehensive source compatibility.

3. Features a three-screen arbitrary layout, allowing for flexible arrangement and display of screens according to user needs.

4. Implements input signal hot backup, ensuring seamless automatic switching to backup signals without interruption in case of primary signal failure.

5. Utilizes fade-in seamless special effects switching for smooth transitions between signals or scene templates, eliminating any display issues like black screens or flickers.

6. Supports Kystar HDR Enhancement (K-HDR) for dynamic image optimization, transforming standard SDR images into stunning HDR quality, coupled with easy hardware screen adjustments and configuration readback for effortless setup and maintenance.