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K5+ LED Receiving Card

K5+ LED Receiving Card

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Colorlight K5+ LED Receiving Card

The K5+ is a compact, high-end receiving card designed for fine-pitch LED screens, offering a large load capacity and up to 32 parallel or serial data groups. Ideal for small cabinet spaces, it boasts high-density, dustproof, and shockproof interfaces, ensuring exceptional stability and reliability in demanding applications.


  1. Features 8-bit video input, color temperature control, and a 240Hz frame rate for improved low-brightness gray scale.
  2. Includes precise per-pixel calibration for enhanced display accuracy.
  3. Easy maintenance with screen rotation, quick firmware updates, and intelligent module support.
  4. Monitors cabinet temperature, humidity, voltage, and power for optimal performance.
  5. Offers loop redundancy and dual receiving card hot backup for reliable operation.