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K2 indoor fine pixel pitch LED display

K2 indoor fine pixel pitch LED display

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1. Light, thin and CNC processed finish. K2 featuring a brand-new architecture and anti-erosion material, but weighs in at just 6kg and measures 62mm thick per cabinet. Thin enough to save your installation space and light enough to manage installations and maintenance efficiently and quickly.

2. IP65 ingress protection. With an ingress protection rating up to IP65, K2 range is extremely versatile and suitable for diverse environments and weather conditions. No full display surround framework required unless specified.

3. Front & rear access, efficient and fast. Cabinet is magnetically connected with module and accessible and serviceable both from front and rear, no need to remove any screw. By using zero screw on the surface of module, it reduces light reflection and ensures perfect visual experience.

4. Sophisticated cabinet-to-cabinet position system. K2 cabinet is equipped with industry-leading cabinet-to-cabinet position system, adjustable pins and locks on each side help to facilitate installation and ensure precise and perfect cabinet flatness so as to achieve the integrated visual experience of no patchwork seam and no bright line.

5. Adjustable seamless curve. Unlike the traditional clumsy way to make a curve LED display, every K2 cabinet is designed with a mechanical system which can adjust curve between each 2 cabinet from -5° to 5°, it helps to deliver stunning, curve visual experience by just rotating knob on each cabinet, easy and fast.

6. True-to-life image quality. With brightness up to 5500 nits and refresh rate up to 3840Hz, H2s delivers true-to life image reproduction with every pixel performing perfectly and as intended.

7. 3 ways to present, more flexible installation. Thanks to the user-friendly cabinet design, K2 display can be either hung from a truss structure, fixed on a installation system, or mounted on a wall, making installation more flexible.

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