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K1Pro 4K Video Processor

K1Pro 4K Video Processor

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Kystar K1Pro 4K Video Processor

Unlock unparalleled visual excellence with the K1Pro 4K Video Processor. Tailored for LED displays, it effortlessly converts and processes various inputs like HDMI, DVI, VGA, Video, HD-SDI into precise DVI signals for your screen. Experience seamless source switching with convenient front-panel buttons, ensuring a flawless presentation every time. Ideal for dynamic environments demanding high-resolution clarity and effortless operation.


1. Integratedmanagement and monitoring output enable intuitive layout adjustments with a mouse, eliminating the need for an additional computer.

2. Features dual DVI output groups for redundancy, ensuring reliability in your display setup.

3. Supports DP1.2 input with resolutions up to 38402160 or 76801080@60Hz, catering to high-resolution demands.

4. Built-in multimedia player and support for internal memory and USB playback offer convenient backup for input signals.

5. Pre-editing functionality allows users to preview and create new presets on the fly, enhancing flexibility in content management.

6. Supports up to four input signals for simultaneous display, along with color keying, transparency adjustments, and cropping for customized presentations.