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JPS200PV5.0-A1 LED Display Power Supply

JPS200PV5.0-A1 LED Display Power Supply

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G-energy JPS200PV5.0-A1 LED Display Power Supply

G-energy's JPS200PV5.0-A1 is an ultra-thin LED display power supply, designed for efficiency and reliability. With an input voltage range of 200-240Vac and a high power factor of 0.95, it delivers a maximum output of 200W. Safety is paramount, adhering to GB4943 and EN60950 standards, while air cooling manages heat dissipation effectively.


  1. Ultra-thin design, measuring just 140x60x30, perfect for space-sensitive LED display installations.
  2. High input voltage range (200-240Vac, 47-63Hz) with a maximum output of 200W, catering to a wide variety of LED displays.
  3. Exceptional power factor of 0.95 at 230Vac, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing electrical waste.
  4. Comprehensive protection mechanisms against undervoltage, overload, and short circuits ensure reliable operation.
  5. Operates effectively across a broad temperature range from -30℃ to +60℃, suitable for diverse environmental conditions.
  6. Adheres to rigorous safety standards (GB4943, EN60950), with air cooling for heat dissipation, ensuring long-term durability and safety.