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JPS200P LED Switching Power Supply

JPS200P LED Switching Power Supply

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G-energy JPS200P LED Switching Power Supply

The G-energy JPS200P LED Switching Power Supply is a high-performance, 5V 40A 200W power solution designed for full-color LED display screens. Featuring a convenient dial switch for easy adjustment and certified with CE and UL for reliability and safety, it's an ideal choice for powering vibrant LED displays. Its robust design ensures efficient and stable power delivery for your LED screen applications.


  1. Ultra-thin design at just 30mm for compact installations.
  2. Dual input voltage (110/220Vac, 47-63Hz) accommodates a wide range of power sources.
  3. PWM-controlled circuit structure ensures efficient power management.
  4. Dimensions of 208mm59mm30mm allow for easy integration into various setups.
  5. Certified with CE, UL, and ISO9001 for high safety and quality standards.
  6. Features like overvoltage protection, output current limiting, and short circuit protection enhance reliability and efficiency.