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Indoor creative staircase LED display

Indoor creative staircase LED display

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Kensun staircase LED display is an indoor product specifically designed for creative staircase. Kensun finely processed cabinet which with extra-fine finish less than 0.2% accuracy to fit the high grade architectural finishing of stores. Kensun staircase LED display featuring a super thin cabinet and accessible from front, it helps to deliver creative commercials and provide stunning visual experience. 

1. High accuracy cabinet finish. Every cabinet is created by high strength material and finely processed. High accuracy cabinet finish result in perfect alignment with staircase, and brings much more comfortable visual experience.

2. User-friendly structure. Kensun staircase cabinet featuring a lightweight and thin cabinet, it is effortless to install or replace while every component is accessible from font. 

3. Intelligent work mode. Kensun staircase is equipped with a built-in automatic cooling system that could enable the display to enter sleeping mode should any electricity failure be detected, and it can also wake up display automatically if problems are fixed.

4. Remote and wireless control. Compatible with the latest Nova and Colourlight management software, content update, change setting can all be completed wirelessly and remotely via WiFi .

5. Stable and safe. Every diode is well protected by a strong and translucent resinous layer on cabinet surface, it serves as a shield and protect the display from damage when people walk on it.

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