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HUIDU HD-A8 4K LED Controller

HUIDU HD-A8 4K LED Controller

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LED Processor Features

HD-A8 is a 4K synchronous and asynchronous player for Ultra-large resolution outdoor or indoor advertising, led wall, digital signage, and other commercial applications.
It support cloud control to play videos, pictures, texts, clocks, animated words, weather forecasts, etc. and it support for mobile phone/tablet wireless screen projection, what is more? A8 also support for intelligent voice control.
HD-A8 also supports synchronous and asynchronous one-key switching playback, and users can set automatic switching and timing switching to change the playback mode. Support 4-channel video Synchronized playback display at the same time
HD-A8 screen control is divided into 3 parts: HD-A8 playback box, receiving card, control software HDPlayer.