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HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R712

HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R712

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HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R712

The R712 is a versatile LED display receiving card designed to support both synchronous and asynchronous control systems, eliminating the need for a HUB adapter board. It comes equipped with 12 HUB75E interfaces onboard, ensuring good stability. The card boasts a substantial maximum loading capacity of 262,144 pixels, making it suitable for managing large and complex LED displays.


  1. Integration with 12 lines of HUB75E ports, facilitating direct connections without additional adapters.
  2. An ultra loading capacity, with a conventional chip supporting up to 128x1024 pixels, and a PWM chip supporting up to 256x1024 pixels.
  3. The ability to exchange data groups and set data group offsets, enhancing flexibility in data management.
  4. Compatibility with any scan module ranging from static to 1/128 scan, accommodating a wide variety of display types.
  5. Support for multi-card cascading in any order, allowing for versatile setup configurations.
  6. The functionality to exchange data groups and adjust data group offsets, providing advanced control over display data.