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Highly customized indoor & outdoor LED display

Highly customized indoor & outdoor LED display

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With a combination of different modules and cabinets, or even movable mechanical structure, customers are free to create a display which is far cry from traditional display. As an technology-driven company, Kensun has finished more than 200 highly customized LED displays in last 9  years and we are still doing our best to push boundary of creative LED display, we have an experienced team to bring your ideas to life.

Our customized service including:

Signal system
Power system
Gray scale
Refresh rate

Infinite display possibilities. Cube display, cylinder display, sphere display, stair case display, triangle display, polygon display, seamless curve display, or any other shapes or combination you can think of, we can always find a solution bring your any of your bold ideas to life.  

Rich experience in bespoke display. As of now, Kensun has finished more than 200 highly customized LED display in 50 countries. No matter how complicated your display is, we have a experienced team or get you covered from start to finish.

Quality- centric approach. We focus on one-stop service for customized design and manufacturing to satisfy your various needs, We put quality and user experience first and we proudly guarantee against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Please feel free to contact us for customized solutions.

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