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HDP902 Video Processor

HDP902 Video Processor

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Video Processor HDP902

The HDP902 is a versatile and multifunctional LED video processing and splicing device, equipped with three channels for video splicing and one channel dedicated to monitoring output. This makes it ideal for complex video setups that require both integrated splicing capabilities and effective monitoring.


The HUIDU HDP902 is an advanced LED screen video splicing processor featuring seamless channel switching, 13 digital-analog video inputs (including an SDI option), and support for multi-machine splicing with 3-channel splicing and 1-channel monitoring output. It boasts channel independent resolution outputs up to 2.65 million pixels at 60Hz, with a combined output resolution of 7.95 million pixels at 60Hz for three channels. Additional features include 3-screen roaming across channels, customizable input EDID, scene preset saving and recall, scalable stitching, an engineering lock for security, PC control with timing switch functionality, and a custom resolution output of 7.95 million pixels. The device also includes 4 built-in installation slots for transmit cards.