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HDP703 Video Processor

HDP703 Video Processor

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LED Video Processor HDP703

The HDP703 is a potent single picture video processor characterized by a control range that can handle up to 2.65 million pixels. It is designed to offer both audio input and output functionalities, making it a comprehensive solution for managing high-resolution video and audio content.


The HDP703 is a versatile video and audio processor featuring 7 channels of digital-analog video input, 3 channels of audio input, 3 video outputs, and 1 audio output. This extensive range of inputs and outputs makes it highly suitable for a variety of applications, including lease performances, special-shaped and large LED displays, mixed LED displays with different dot pitches, large stage theater performances, exhibitions, and other display needs. Its multi-channel capacity enables it to handle complex setups and diverse requirements, making it a valuable tool for dynamic and large-scale visual presentations.