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HDP601 Video Processor

HDP601 Video Processor

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Video Processor HDP601

The HDP601 is a robust single picture video processor with a control range of up to 1920x1200 pixels. It features U-disk playback capability, allowing for easy media loading and playback directly from a USB drive. Additionally, this processor supports both audio input and output, making it a comprehensive solution for managing video and audio content in various settings.


  1. Seamless switching between any channel, ensuring audio and video are in sync during transitions.
  2. Equipped with 5 channels for digital-analog video input, and its USB function supports mixed playback of videos and pictures.
  3. A key lock feature for security and to prevent unintended changes.
  4. Supports a large output resolution, providing crisp and clear display quality at 1920 × 1280 @ 60Hz.
  5. One-button black screen function for quick screen blanking.
  6. Scene preset save and call function, allowing for quick setup and recall of preferred settings.
  7. Signal hot backup capability, ensuring reliability and continuous operation.