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HD-Y1 Multi-function card

HD-Y1 Multi-function card

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Huidu HD-Y1 Multi-function card

The HD-Y1 Full-Color Multi-Functional Card is a versatile accessory designed for enhanced LED screen management. Equipped with an integrated temperature and humidity module, it actively monitors environmental conditions within the display. The card also allows for the connection of external temperature and humidity sensors, along with a photosensitive probe for automatic brightness adjustment. Featuring control over eight power switches and robust timing functions, the HD-Y1 is exclusively compatible with synchronous sending cards, ensuring optimal screen performance and reliability.


  1. HD-Y1 is a multifunctional card with onboard temperature and humidity monitoring for LED screens.
  2. Features Gigabit Ethernet port for seamless integration with synchronous sending card T901.
  3. Includes a single-channel audio output to enhance LED display experiences.
  4. Allows connection to external temperature and humidity sensors for comprehensive monitoring.
  5. Controls 8 relay switch channels for efficient power management of the LED system.
  6. Offers advanced timing control for relay switches, replacing conventional timers.