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HD-WF4 New HUB75 Series Control Card

HD-WF4 New HUB75 Series Control Card

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New HUB75 Series Control Card HD-WF4

The HD-WF4 is a versatile full-color control card, featuring a 2-wire HUB75E port and supporting updates via Wi-Fi and USB flash disk. Designed for a range of applications including lintel LED screens, shop sign screens, and vehicle screens, it offers a flexible and efficient solution for dynamic visual displays.


  1. Program updates through USB ports and Wi-Fi for flexibility and convenience.
  2. Direct power supply to LED modules with a 5V standard power connector and Micro-USB compatibility.
  3. A test button for easily toggling screen test status.
  4. Point switch connections (S2, S4) for program navigation, timing, and count control.
  5. Compatibility with various sensors including brightness (P7), PM2.5/PM10 (P12), temperature (P5), and IR remote control (P11).
  6. User-friendly operation with rich special effects, controlled via a mobile app, making it a comprehensive solution for full-color LED display management.