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HD-WF1 New HUB75 Series Control Card

HD-WF1 New HUB75 Series Control Card

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New HUB75 Series Control Card HD-WF1

The HD-WF1 control card, featuring a 2-wire HUB75E port, is a comprehensive full-color series controller. It supports convenient updates via Wi-Fi and USB flash disk, making it versatile for various applications like lintel LED screens, shop sign screens, and vehicle screens. This card is designed to offer ease of use and flexibility for dynamic display solutions across multiple settings.


  1. The HD-WF1 supports HUB75 port full-color modules, including ICN2038 IC, with a scan mode range from static to 1/32S.
  2. It covers a control range of 640x32 or 320x64, utilizing Wi-Fi and U-Disk for communication.
  3. Equipped with 4M Byte FLASH capacity, it enables extensive data storage and management.
  4. Capable of displaying a wide RGB spectrum, including eight gray levels, for rich, full-color text and images.
  5. Features capacity for 999 programs with remote switching capability, and supports up to 20 distinct display areas with individual effects and borders.
  6. Offers diverse display options like text, animations, images, Excel, time, and temperature, along with automatic screen switching and adjustable brightness settings, all powered through a Micro USB 5V supply and backed by CE, FCC, RoHS, and BIS certifications.