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HD-W60 Single-dual Color Controller

HD-W60 Single-dual Color Controller

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Single-dual Color Controller HD-W60

The W60 Wi-Fi control card offers easy program updates via Wi-Fi or USB, featuring a user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and superior single-color display capabilities. Perfect for enhancing digital displays with minimal effort.


  1. Pixel Control: Supports up to 512x32 for single color and 256x32 for dual color pixels.
  2. Connectivity: Offers both WiFi and USB port connections for versatile communication.
  3. Advanced Software and Storage: Comes with HD2016 software (password 168) and 2M storage, expandable to 8M.
  4. Diverse Scanning and Display Modes: Includes various scanning options (1/16 to static) and can display content in sequence or controlled by button/remote.
  5. Rich Display Effects: Supports text, images, animations, and custom settings with over 40 special character effects.
  6. Additional Functionalities: Features clock functions, brightness settings, text rotation, partitioning background, and supports additional modules like temperature, humidity sensors, and remote control.