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HD-W04 Single-dual Color Controller

HD-W04 Single-dual Color Controller

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Single-dual Color Controller HD-W04

The W04 is an economical and highly cost-effective single-color Wi-Fi controller, designed for simplicity and ease of use. It excels in displaying clear, impactful information, supporting various types of single-color displays. Ideal for door lintel screens and store screens, the W04 is perfect for efficient information display in commercial settings.


  1. Handles up to 512x64 dots, with a 4*HUB12 output.
  2. Includes 2M byte memory, ensuring ample storage for display content.
  3. Offers WiFi connectivity for easy program updates and control.
  4. Supports advanced display features like area overlapping and intelligent settings.
  5. Provides interactive capabilities such as text rotation and real-time partitioning.
  6. User-friendly design, allowing updates via Wi-Fi, U disk, and control through a mobile app.