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HD-W02 Single-dual Color Controller

HD-W02 Single-dual Color Controller

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Single-dual Color Controller HD-W02

The W02 is an affordable and efficient single-color Wi-Fi controller, known for its ease of operation and enhanced display quality. It supports a wide range of single-color displays, making it an ideal choice for applications like door lintel screens, store screens, and various informational display settings. This controller combines cost-effectiveness with superior performance for effective visual communication.


  1. Wi-Fi onboard, simplifying installation and enhancing user convenience.
  2. The W02 offers customizable program and regional border settings.
  3. Features a variety of dynamic action displays for engaging visuals.
  4. Supports simple animations and word effects, adding to its versatility.
  5. Provides more than 20 unique text effect options for diverse display needs.
  6. Equipped with support for temperature, humidity sensors, and IR remote control, enhancing its functionality.