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HD-VP830 Two-in-one LED Video Processor

HD-VP830 Two-in-one LED Video Processor

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LED Video Processor HD-VP830

The HD-VP830 is a potent 2-in-1 controller that uniquely combines single-picture video processing and sending card functionalities. It has a substantial load capacity of 5.2 million pixels. Built on an FPGA structure, the VP830 supports multiple signal inputs. It is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, enabling mobile app-based wireless control. Additionally, the VP830 offers support for optional pad and mobile phone wireless projection, further enhancing its versatility for various multimedia applications.


The HD-VP830 is a 2-in-1 controller offering integrated video processing and sending card functions with 8 gigabit network port outputs for up to 5.2 million pixels. It features 4-channel HD video input with free switching and three-window display support, optional wireless projection from pads and phones, and user-friendly settings including parameter saving, scene presets, and easy navigation. Additionally, it allows direct cabinet connection parameter settings via panel buttons without needing a computer.