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HD-VP820 All-in-one LED Video Processor

HD-VP820 All-in-one LED Video Processor

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LED Video Processor HD-VP820

The HD-VP820 is an advanced 2-in-1 controller that seamlessly integrates the functionality of single-picture video processing and a sending card. It boasts a substantial load capacity, capable of handling up to 5.2 million pixels, with support for a maximum width of 8000 pixels and a height of 3840 pixels. This device is equipped to manage multi-signal inputs and is proficient in supporting 4K video signal input. Additionally, it features double windows display capability, making it a robust solution for managing high-definition video content in various settings.


1. Integrated video processing and sending card functions, with 8 gigabit network port outputs, handling a total of 5.2 million pixels.

2. 5-channel high-definition digital and analog video input, supporting up to 4K@60Hz.

3. Multiple audio inputs and outputs for comprehensive audio management.

4. Support for dual pictures PIP (Picture-in-Picture) and POP (Picture-outside-Picture).

5. Flexibility to switch freely between any channel.

6. Parameter setting and saving function, with the ability to save and recall scene presets.

7. A user-friendly "Navigation Settings" function for quick and easy adjustments.

8. A "Connection Setting" feature allowing direct setting of each cabinet's connection parameters via panel buttons, without the need for a computer.

9. Versatile control options including panel buttons, USB, and Wi-Fi (mobile APP, still in development), for efficient debugging and control of the device