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HD-VP1240 All-in-one LED Video Processor

HD-VP1240 All-in-one LED Video Processor

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Huidu HD-VP1240 All-in-one LED Video Processor

The HD-VP1240 is a versatile 2-in-1 video processor, combining a traditional video processor with 12 Gigabit network port outputs. It supports six signal interface inputs, with some interfaces capable of handling 4K signals. This processor enables effortless switching between multiple signals, making it ideal for hotels, malls, conference rooms, exhibitions, and studios requiring simultaneous playback. Additionally, the VP1240 is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, allowing for convenient wireless operation via a mobile app.


1. HD-VP1240, a 2-in-1 video processor, combines video processing and sending functionalities with 12 Gigabit Ethernet outputs, capable of managing 7.8 million pixels.

2. Features six HD digital video inputs, including a DP port supporting 4K@60Hz input for high-resolution displays.

3. Offers versatile audio connectivity with multiple audio input and output options.

4. Supports the display of four live windows simultaneously, enhancing dynamic visual presentations.

5. Provides effortless switching between its various input channels for seamless transitions.

6. Equipped with user-friendly settings for parameter adjustments and scene presets, ensuring easy setup and recall.

7. Simplifies operation with a "Navigation Settings" function, enabling rapid configuration adjustments.

8. Allows direct setting of display connection parameters via panel buttons, negating the need for a computer.