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HD-U64A Single dual color LED controller

HD-U64A Single dual color LED controller

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Huidu HD-U64A Single Color LED controller

The U64A, part of the U-disk series, is a user-friendly control card updated via a USB port. Known for its cost-effectiveness and simple operation software, it delivers superior and dynamic display effects. This versatile card is well-suited for a wide range of monochrome displays, making it an ideal choice for diverse display needs.


  1. The HD-U64A control card is equipped with 16 HUB12 and 8 HUB08 ports for versatile display connections.
  2. Offers a range of text effects suitable for various applications, enhancing display creativity.
  3. Supports advanced font styles including hollow and stroke for dynamic text presentations.
  4. Allows up to 20 distinct content areas, providing flexibility in layout design.
  5. Capable of displaying animated characters and backgrounds, adding vibrancy to visuals.
  6. Ideal for creating captivating displays with its multi-format support and design features.