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HD-T902x2 Synchronous Sending Box

HD-T902x2 Synchronous Sending Box

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Synchronous Sending Box HD-T902x2

The HD-T902x2 is a powerful synchronous sending box, equipped with a DVI signal input and eight Gigabit network ports, offering robust connectivity for complex LED screen setups. It can handle an impressive load capacity of 5.2 million pixels, with support for screen widths up to 7680 pixels and heights up to 4096 pixels. This device is particularly adept at managing large-scale displays through the splicing of multiple devices, making it ideal for high-resolution LED screen control.


  1. It supports two dual channel stereo inputs, enhancing audio input capabilities.
  2. Four DVI video signal inputs are included, allowing for multiple digital video sources.
  3. A USB-B control interface is provided for efficient device management.
  4. The ability to cascade multiple units enables control over super-sized LED screens.
  5. It comes with a built-in transformer that converts 110V~220V AC to 5V DC, ensuring compatibility with various power sources.
  6. With four network port outputs, the device boasts a maximum load capacity of 5.2 million pixels, catering to extensive, high-resolution display needs.