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HD-T901S Synchronous Sending Card

HD-T901S Synchronous Sending Card

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Synchronous Sending Card HD-T901S

The HUIDU HD-T901S is a highly capable LED screen sending card, supporting 1 to 64 scan modes for both indoor and outdoor displays. It controls up to 1.3 million pixels, with maximum dimensions of 3840x2048. Featuring a DVI input and supporting up to 65536 grayscale levels, it ensures excellent image quality. Its cascading capability via serial port facilitates managing large, high-resolution screens efficiently.


  1. The HD-T901S supports scans ranging from 1 to 64, compatible with both indoor and outdoor full-color and single-color LED modules.
  2. Capable of controlling up to 1.3 million pixels, it accommodates a maximum width of 3840 and height of 2048 pixels.
  3. Features a single DVI video input for seamless integration with various video sources.
  4. Supports a high grayscale level of up to 65536, ensuring detailed and vibrant image quality.
  5. Enables cascading via a serial port for configuring multiple sending cards, ideal for controlling high-resolution screens.