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HD-R716 LED Receiving Card

HD-R716 LED Receiving Card

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Huidu R716 LED Receiving Card

The R716 LED display receiving card seamlessly supports both synchronous and asynchronous control systems without needing an adapter board. Equipped with 16 standard HUB75E interfaces, it offers excellent stability and supports 32 sets of RGB parallel data. With a large load capacity, the R716 can control up to 320,000 pixels, making it a robust choice for advanced LED display setups.


  1. Features a test button for assessing display brightness uniformity and module flatness.
  2. Includes Gigabit network indicators (D3, D4) for two Ethernet ports, showing link status and activity through lighting patterns.
  3. Offers interchangeable Gigabit Ethernet ports for connectivity with sending or receiving cards.
  4. Equipped with a power interface compatible with a DC voltage range of 4.0V to 5.5V.
  5. Provides a redundant power interface, requiring only one connection for operation.
  6. Contains HUB75E ports for module connections, enhancing versatility in setup.