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HD-R516T LED Receiving Card

HD-R516T LED Receiving Card

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Huidu HD-R516T LED Receiving Card

The HD-R516T receiving card offers versatile support for asynchronous and synchronous controllers. It features 16 HUB75E ports, accommodating regular and PWM chips, and is suitable for static modules up to 2~64 scans. With its data group management and cascading capabilities, it's ideal for complex LED display configurations, supporting optimal displays up to 128x768 or 128x1024 pixels.


  1. The HD-R516T features 16 integrated HUB75E ports for extensive connectivity.
  2. Compatible with both regular chips and PWM chips for diverse module support.
  3. Accommodates static modules, offering flexible scan modes from 2 to 64 scans.
  4. Allows data group exchange and offset adjustments for precise display control.
  5. Equipped with intelligent settings including point drawing and tracing functions.
  6. Supports cascading multiple cards in any order, ideal for complex display setups.