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HD-R507T Mini Receiving Card

HD-R507T Mini Receiving Card

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Mini Receiving Card HD-R507T

The HD-R507T is a mini receiving card tailored for fine pixel pitch LED screens, featuring four 26-pin HUB ports to support complex configurations. It can handle 24 groups of RGB parallel data, ensuring rich color output. Designed for versatility, the card is compatible with asynchronous, synchronous controllers, and all-in-one video processors, making it a suitable choice for various high-resolution LED display applications.


  1. It supports both regular and PWM chips, catering to a wide range of LED display technologies.
  2. Compatible with static modules and supports any scan mode from 2 to 64 scans, providing flexibility for different display requirements.
  3. Features data group exchange and data group offset setting, allowing for intricate data management and customization.
  4. Enables multi-card cascading in any order, facilitating the creation of large and complex display setups.
  5. Boasts a maximum loading range of 128x1024, making it capable of handling high-resolution displays efficiently.